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Bras for Trikes offers premium protection for trike fenders. We manufacture trike fender bras for California Sidecar, Champion, Hannigan, Lehman, Harley Davidson, Motor Trike and Roadsmith. Our products are designed to cover and protect the front of a trike fenders (three-wheeled motorcycle) from various elements and potential damage. Trikes, with their unique designs, can be vulnerable to rocks, bugs, debris, and other road hazards hitting the front end, which is why some riders choose to use these protective accessories. Here’s some information about bras for trikes:

  1. Purpose: Trike fender bras primarily serve to protect the front bodywork of the trike, including the fenders, from potential damage caused by road rash, insects, and weather conditions. They can also help maintain the appearance of the trike by preventing chips, scratches, and other minor blemishes.
  2. Material: Trike fender bras are typically made from durable materials like vinyl or synthetic leather. These materials are chosen for their resistance to water, UV rays, and abrasion, which helps protect the trike’s finish.
  3. Installation: Trike fender bras are designed to be easily installed and removed. Our trike fender bras for installed with the use of drilling holes into the fender. Once holes have been drilled you will need to add rivets and snaps (included) to finish your installation. We do offer Clear Guard for people that do not want to drill holes in their fenders. 
  4. Customization: We manufacturers trike fender bras that are specifically designed to fit particular trike models, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Some trike enthusiasts may also choose to customize their bras with unique embroidery designs, logos to match their personal style or the trike’s appearance.
  5. Maintenance: To keep a trike bra in good condition, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Cleaning instructions can vary based on the material used, so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent damage to the bra or the trike’s finish.
  6. Benefits: The main benefits of using a trike bra include protection against road debris and environmental elements, preserving the trike’s appearance, and potentially reducing the need for more extensive repairs or repainting due to damage.

Our customers feel our trike fender bras add value to their trike accessories. If you’re considering a trike fender bra, make sure to select one that fits your trike model and suits your specific needs and preferences.

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If you’re looking for Premium Trike Fender Protection, you’ve landed on the right place.

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Really enjoy them, a lot easier to clean than clear covers...
They look really nice. Thanks,
Really nice! Thanks again, this will protect my fenders!

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